Forbes | Inside The Disruptive Collision of Tech, Politics, and Race

One of the most powerful paradigm shifts taking place in our country right now is that of energized and emboldened new levels of civic participation as they directly intersect with youth culture, diverse voices and technology. Call it the next level of the disruptive "leaderful" era, an era in which everyone begins to not only recognize but also leverage one's own personal power and mindset to encourage rapid, dynamic social change. This bottom-up approach is increasingly challenging traditional forms of authority, social norms and hierarchy to try to push through to a new social model. Such actions are buoyed in large part, by the ability to directly connect, influence and exchange with others via tech platforms. But as traditional American politics collides with the rise of everything from surprising new formations of organizations challenging its judgment to unexpected repercussions from actions by prominent individuals and companies, how will the gatekeepers navigate this new cultural trend?

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