Here's what I believe.



We are in the midst of an overhaul in human exchange, driven by accelerating changes in technology that have created a more interconnected, open world. That world is creating almost infinite opportunities for real relationship building with people that matter—and infinite opportunities for disaster.

But that is the true promise of digital: that we can now create meaningful exchanges of value—the ability to build trust at scale. Lifetime value measured in real social capital. It's not hyperbolic to say digital is changing the world. It's up to us whether or not it's for the better.



If all of that is true, what does that mean for institutions—businesses, nonprofits, governments, etc? It means that they need to adjust to a world that no longer defaults to trusting them. The internet decentralized information. Theoretically, anyone can know anything about your company at any time. Social media democratized relationships, which means institutions are no longer their own most powerful advocates—their customers, clients, voters, shareholders, employees are. And with new technologies like blockchain, prepare for the decentralization of private and personal data.

“Relationships aren't built in real-time. They're built over time.”


These changes are creating a world where radical engagement with society is a must. But you need to be about more than making money or advancing your own agenda. You need to find a mission that matters.

Are you ready? Because it's hard work. Real relationships aren't built in real-time, they're built over time. If you want to really start building trust in today's world, better get started now.



My name is Caleb Gardner, I work at the intersection of technology, culture, and social impact—and these are the kinds of big things I'm thinking about. How about you?

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