What's wrong with work?

A few weeks ago I re-read an article by the management thinker Peter Drucker from 2001 called “Will the corporation survive?” In it, he talks about his assumptions about the next phase of business. Since the 1970s, the economy had shifted to depend on “knowledge workers” — workers who make meaning out of information — and Drucker saw this shift putting power back into the hands of workers.

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A framework for thinking critically about social sharing

One the first day of the new year, I wrote a Facebook missive on how I plan to "go high" a la Michelle Obama in 2019, and aim to be constructive in my participation in public discourse. Not passive—and certainly not afraid to show righteous anger—but also steering clear of the meme-ification of political dialogue that was typical of 2018 social media.

As with most New Year’s resolutions, easier said than done.

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