What kind of disruption are you willing to fight for?



Here’s what I believe.

We are in the midst of an overhaul in human exchange, driven by accelerating changes in technology that have created a more interconnected, open world. That world is creating almost infinite opportunities for societal change, for real relationship building with people that matter—and infinite opportunities for everything you care about to come crashing down.

These changes are creating a world where radical engagement with public life is a part of existing in private life. We carry the most powerful communication devices ever created in our pockets, experiencing the infinite good and bad of humanity every day. The political is personal, and vice versa. We internalize and regurgitate hundreds of narratives a day online, and the tech platforms themselves aren’t always interested in regulating them.

We have agency to shape each other’s socio-digital reality.


Welcome to the new socio-digital reality

We can now create meaningful exchanges of value across the economy—the ability to build trust at scale; lifetime value measured in real social capital. People have more access to information than ever before, and they want to feel good about the products and services they buy. Employees want to believe in the work they do. There is no escaping economic value as a social construct.

It's not hyperbole to say digital is changing the world. But what does that mean for you? For your relationships with other people—friends, family, coworkers? For how your run your business? We have to reframe our relationship with technology in order to understand how to exist in relationship with each other.

We need to teach digital citizenship. We need better editorial guidelines for media, and more ethical design guidelines for tech. We need corporate responsibility, and public policy that’s up to the challenge of a digital future.

I believe we’ll get the kind of disruption we’re willing to fight for.


“We have to reframe our relationship with technology in order to understand how to exist in relationship with each other.”



My name is Caleb Gardner, I’m an innovation consultant, speaker, community organizer, digital philosopher, and founding partner of 18 Coffees. I work at the intersection of strategy, technology, social innovation, and business ethics, and these are the kinds of big things I'm thinking about.

How about you?

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