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18 Coffees' Wake Up Wired: Connected Citizenship

Wake Up Wired is a morning series presented by 18 Coffees, focused on exploring topics related to design, technology, and social impact from different perspectives, and powered by the talent and wit of the 18 Coffees community.

Every month, we bring in a diverse set of speakers and facilitators who can help us go deeper on the issues of the day through conversation and action (and caffeine).

Sponsored by Weber Shandwick and Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea, this month’s Wake Up Wired tacks politics, civic engagement, and technology ahead of the 2018 midterm elections on Tuesday, November 6.

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A Louder Narrative: A Vision of Optimism in a Divided Citizenry

Today, America sits as a polarized country. We are divided on political issues, segregated by race, religion and ethnicities. In a heated political election season, we see even more of these divisive sentiments that can manipulate our emotions, loyalties and our identities. Leading us to ask the question: Who are we, really? What are our values? And most importantly, how can as a divided country, move together towards optimism resulting in an output of positive change?

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Beats, Bytes, & Ballots: Talk Event for a New Political Era

Beats, Ballots & Bytes: This event is a special panel discussion exploring how to engage and navigate the new mindsets, values, and entrants within the public sector today. From bold ways in which Millennials are expressing social concerns and shaping the cultural narrative, to those from diverse demographics taking surprising socio-political stances, to tech giants combining forces to try and reform party messaging, American politics is now being shaped by "new," influential voices. How will such disruption impact traditional political messaging and outreach even further?

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Millennium Alliance | Digital Marketing Transformation Assembly

Taking place on October 19-20, 2017 at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, UT, this program has been designed to offer you insight into the latest digital marketing trends including artificial intelligence, omnichannel strategy, cognitive marketing, personalization, MarTech, the data revolution and more.

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Forefront | Strategizing for a Successful #ILGive for #GivingTuesday

You've registered your organization for #ILGive for #GivingTuesday, now what? As the global day of giving reaches its sixth year, how can you find new ways to engage your online audiences? How can you identify and best share your organization's mission? What content can you generate to stand out from the rest? Join us for a conversation with Kathleen Murphy, Forefront's Director of Communications, and Caleb Gardner, co-founder of 18 Coffees and former lead digital strategist for OFA!

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Resistance in Action: Twitterpalooza

This event is for first time Tweeters and seasoned "professionals" who are eager to be heard in Washington (and Springfield and City Hall)

At the end of the interactive afternoon, you will have the skills and resources to respond effectively and rapidly to issues of concern.

Basic technical skills, as well as strategies, on how to use hashtags effectively will be covered.

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Dad 2.0 Summit | Where We Are: Social Media

We’ve extolled social media for its power to inform and connect, but recently we’ve learned to comprehend this power with new caution. Confirmation bias and dubious news have left us siloed and suspicious, and these social strategists will discuss how the halcyon days of civil conversation can be restored.

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INBOUND Marketing Summit | What Barack Obama's Trolls Taught Me About Civility

Frustrated by the state of our online political discourse after the 2016 election? Are you afraid to show yourself on Facebook after one too many arguments with friends and relatives? Try multiplying that by millions of people. 

For three years, Caleb Gardner ran Barack Obama's digital program through his political advocacy group, Organizing for Action, engaging with millions of lovers (and haters) of the president on some of the biggest social platforms in existence. In this compelling Bold Talk, Caleb will talk about his experience running some of the largest political platforms in the world, lay out a path forward for getting back to civility online, and challenge the audience to believe in their own capacities for change. Caleb Gardner works at the intersection of digital transformation and social impact. For more than three years, as digital director at Organizing for Action (BarackObama.com) Caleb was the lead strategist and editorial voice for one of the largest digital programs in existence, with a millions-strong email list and massive social media following. Now Caleb is consulting on how to build out digital marketing and social media expertise for C-Suite clients at Bain & Company. Attendees interested in engagement at scale, social impact -- or what it's like to have President Obama call you "a better Barack Obama than I am" -- will be inspired by Caleb's talk.

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Medill Fridays | Elections and the Media: How to Break Out of our Bubbles and Scale Civility

Caleb Gardner is an insatiably curious digital thought leader with unique professional experience, from startups to nonprofits, from Fortune 100 clients to heads of state. He has more than a decade of experience in digital leadership and social impact, building content strategies and developing operational frameworks for a variety of organizations in the public and private sectors, turning online communities into social movements, and building trust at scale.

For more than three years, Caleb was the lead strategist and editorial voice for Barack Obama through his political advocacy group, Organizing for Action (BarackObama.com). Caleb brought his unique leadership to one of the largest digital programs in existence, with a millions-strong email list and massive social media following -- including the fourth largest Twitter account in the world.

Now as a digital and social media expert at Bain & Company, Caleb consults with CEOs and CMOs to create digital roadmaps for their marketing and communications teams, and helps fulfill the promise of digital engagement within organizations. And as co-founder of 18 Coffees, Caleb is helping to grow a digital professional community that tackles world-changing problems in the public and private sectors.

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