Why social controversy is creating a massive shift in branding and leadership

Business as usual is dead.

Many once held as industry innovators and lions in their arenas are now falling like dominos, and their dismissals are finally shifting the terrain of acceptable business conduct between women and men. Prominent media figure Mark Halperin is the most recent to lose not only his latest book deal from Time but also a lucrative series with HBO based on his political writings. Laurene Powell Jobs’ Emerson Collective just cut ties with another prominent male based on news that surfaced about prior allegations of sexual misconduct. Amazon Studios’ Roy Price just had to resign under the same allegations. And the list will only continue to grow after the wide-spread news of film executive Harvey Weinstein’s decades long sexual harassment of countless women.

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Dear CEOs: Your company just got political. Own it.

Dear CEOs of America,

Let’s start with a hard truth. We’re living in a dark time.

No matter your party affiliation, it’s hard to ignore the increasing social upheaval and corresponding activism, driven in part by our political moment but undergirded by the bigger trends of globalization, automation, and a historic distrust in our public institutions.

Public life is in crisis. And when public institutions fail, it affects all us, especially the most vulnerable.

So why are so many of you, many with incredible influence over our everyday lives, sitting on the sidelines?

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