Crain's Chicago Business | Why can't every Tuesday be Giving Tuesday?

… Another drawback is that people don't log on to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for the express purpose of making a charitable donation. "We go to social media to make friends, hear great stories and consume content," says Caleb Gardner, founder and managing partner at 18 Coffees, a digital strategy consultancy in Chicago. When nonprofits use social media to cultivate long-term relationships with donors, "you can have the trusted moments beyond the Giving Tuesdays of the world," he says.

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CS Magazine | Lending Hands

The entrepreneur and one-time Obama staffer is putting his digital prowess to good use—literally. Having worked for Barack Obama for three years—running the former president’s Twitter account, no less—Caleb Gardner is no stranger to mission-driven work. But in recent years, he felt that digital efforts in that realm had sometimes been misguided. With his startup digital consulting firm 18 Coffees, he is “hoping to blow up the way people think about how digital problems are solved,” he says. The catch? He only takes on clients doing purposeful work.

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LinkedIn Daily Rundown | Apple races toward $1 trillion, wages are rising at the fastest rate in a decade, and more top news

Idea of the Day: The divide between social entrepreneurship and regular business is increasingly blurred, writes 18 Coffees’ Caleb Gardner.

“Being more socially conscious as an entrepreneur is not just the right thing to do; it’s good for business.”

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Chicago Inno | This Chicago Startup Makes It Easy To Mail a Postcard to Any Elected Official—Even Donald Trump

Have something you’d like to say to President Donald Trump? You can, of course, turn to Twitter. But a new Chicago startup is working to make it easier than ever to communicate with elected government officials the old fashioned way—via snail mail.

Get Loud Now, which just launched in June, makes an online platform where anyone in the U.S. can pick a postcard, write a message on it and mail it to any elected official, all the way from officials in the President’s cabinet to the local alderman in your city.

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WGN Radio | Off The Record With Caleb Gardner: Net Neutrality

Caleb Gardner joins Scott Kitun for a bonus interview to discuss the ramifications of the FCC possibly changing net neutrality. How could this impact your internet experience? And what can you do to have your voice heard? Gardner was an organizer for the Obama campaign and is currently co-founder of 18 Coffees digital consultancy.

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Access to Anyone podcast | Caleb Gardner Talks PR, Community Building, and President Obama

Topics include:

  • How to solve problems and seize opportunities within the digital communications space
  • How Caleb landed a role working for President Obama
  • Navigating the new PR industry
  • How to move beyond the Rolodex
  • Using digital technology to cement and leverage relationships (personally and professionally)
  • The value of face-to-face meetings and being selective about connections
  • Understanding the intersection of community building and the future of the gig economy

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Forbes | Inside The Disruptive Collision of Tech, Politics, and Race

One of the most powerful paradigm shifts taking place in our country right now is that of energized and emboldened new levels of civic participation as they directly intersect with youth culture, diverse voices and technology. Call it the next level of the disruptive "leaderful" era, an era in which everyone begins to not only recognize but also leverage one's own personal power and mindset to encourage rapid, dynamic social change. This bottom-up approach is increasingly challenging traditional forms of authority, social norms and hierarchy to try to push through to a new social model. Such actions are buoyed in large part, by the ability to directly connect, influence and exchange with others via tech platforms. But as traditional American politics collides with the rise of everything from surprising new formations of organizations challenging its judgment to unexpected repercussions from actions by prominent individuals and companies, how will the gatekeepers navigate this new cultural trend?

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Selfie podcast | Morning Skincare Routines + Staying Sane With Politics + Tattoos

We talk our morning skincare rituals, and interview Obama’s former social media manager about keep the peace when our politics collide. Caleb Gardner of the digital innovation firm 18 Coffees gives us some insight for staying sane in the midst of our current climate. Plus, to tattoo or not to tattoo? Kristen regrets not having any, and Sarah regrets the ones she has.

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Hello Open World | Communication et technologie : la confiance ne se construit pas en temps réel

Stratège digital insatiablement curieux doué d’un parcours professionnel unique, Caleb Gardner a été pendant plus de trois ans le conseiller principal de l’OFA, groupe de défense des intérêts politiques de Barack Obama. Il dirige aujourd’hui l’agence qu’il a co-créée, 18 Coffees, société de conseil en stratégie et innovation digitale. Il revient pour nous sur ses expériences et nous livre son regard sur les rapports entre technologie et communication. Rencontre.

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Economic Times | Hit 'like' for propaganda

Just three years after Iran’s crackdown on the Internet, in 2012, the country’s supreme leader Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei joined Instagram, a service technically banned by the state. @khamenei_ir has 4643 posts, 1.6 million followers and follows just 12 accounts on the popular photo sharing site owned by Facebook. Ayatollah Khamenei’s account is a far cry from the typical Instagram fare. Here you won’t find artistic portraits of a plate of chelo kebab or candid shots of the Ayatollah cuddling kittens. Instead, the page is filled with propaganda including videos of his speeches, some over a minute long. A feat that left many users wondering how the Supreme Leader managed to beat Instagram’s non-negotiable 15-second cut-off. It was a technical glitch, said Instagram.

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ET Brand Equity | "Trust isn't built in real-time," says Obama's former digital strategist

Caleb Gardner’s About page begins with “I used to work for Barack Obama” in big, bold red letters. To be more precise, he was the lead strategist of the former US President’s digital program, the largest of its kind in the political sphere. We caught up with Gardner, who now runs a digital strategy and innovation collective called 18 Coffees, and asked him to give us his insider tips, dos and 'don't even think about it' when it comes to handling social media for politicians, presidents and PMs.

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Read More | Barack Obama's Former Social Media Manager Breaks Down the Future of Digital Strategies

Caleb Gardner is the founder of 18 Coffees, a digital content strategy and community development firm. Before that, Gardner worked as social media manager for Barack Obama. So, what has Gardner learned from working with one of the most powerful men in the world? What has he learned from collaborating with Fortune 500 clients at 18 Coffees?

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Socially Authentic podcast | Caleb Gardner on staying focused & hopeful online

What’s it like to manage the fourth largest Twitter account in the world?

That’s just one of the many questions we asked our first guest, Caleb Gardner.

Caleb Gardner is an insatiably curious digital thought leader with unique professional experience, from startups to nonprofits, from Fortune 100 clients to heads of state. He has more than a decade of experience in digital leadership and social impact.

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Huffington Post | Marketing and Communication Experts You Should Know

Everything we say, do, tweet, or blog about makes up who we are online and many are missing the mark. For those of you having a difficult time managing and executing your communication strategy online, you can look to the following ten digital communication strategists. These people are experts in managing company brands, client brands, and their own. There is a lot that can be learned from them.

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Shutterstock | Vanishing Content is Here to Stay: How to Use Snapchat and Instagram Stories in Your Marketing Strategy

“Visual content requires more time dedicated to it to get right,” says Caleb Gardner. Brands only have a few seconds on Instagram Stories and Snapchat to make an impression, so every detail and every second counts. Cicero describes the kind of talent needed by such forward-thinking marketing teams as, “Swiss Army-knife people — people who have the capacity to think and create good looking content online at a much faster pace than ever expected before.” No small feat!

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CMX Hub | Building Community at Scale: Exclusive Interview with Caleb Gardner of Bain &

Many community builders dream of the far-off day when every program in their community runs smoothly, obtains measurable results, and brings people together flawlessly. That’s the elusive dream of a well-run community at scale.

But is such a dream obtainable?

If anyone knows the answer to that question, it is Caleb Gardner.


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