Howard Schultz: Presidential Hopeful, Twitter Ratio King

“The specific outcry and outrage at what he is saying is not necessarily being driven by the individual tweet itself as it is the general feeling that this election is a crisis turning point in our lifetimes, and that we need to be all hands on deck about getting Trump out of office,” says Caleb Gardner, who ran the @BarackObama Twitter account for much of the 44th president’s second term, and now runs digital strategy firm 18 Coffees. “That’s where Twitter tends to be a reflection of our political id instead of the quality or content of a given tweet.”

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The Power of Twitter

How did Twitter, invented to allow friends to keep track of each other's social lives and interests, become a key forum for political debate? And what effect has the social media platform had on the nature and quality of public life? 

Presenter David Baker speaks to the man who taught President Trump everything he knows about Twitter, the head of President Obama's social media campaign, and Twitter's own leader on strategy for public policy, to explore the real effect that it has had on politics.

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Why can't every Tuesday be Giving Tuesday?

… Another drawback is that people don't log on to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for the express purpose of making a charitable donation. "We go to social media to make friends, hear great stories and consume content," says Caleb Gardner, founder and managing partner at 18 Coffees, a digital strategy consultancy in Chicago. When nonprofits use social media to cultivate long-term relationships with donors, "you can have the trusted moments beyond the Giving Tuesdays of the world," he says.

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Communication et technologie : la confiance ne se construit pas en temps réel

Stratège digital insatiablement curieux doué d’un parcours professionnel unique, Caleb Gardner a été pendant plus de trois ans le conseiller principal de l’OFA, groupe de défense des intérêts politiques de Barack Obama. Il dirige aujourd’hui l’agence qu’il a co-créée, 18 Coffees, société de conseil en stratégie et innovation digitale. Il revient pour nous sur ses expériences et nous livre son regard sur les rapports entre technologie et communication. Rencontre.

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ET Brand Equity | "Trust isn't built in real-time," says Obama's former digital strategist

Caleb Gardner’s About page begins with “I used to work for Barack Obama” in big, bold red letters. To be more precise, he was the lead strategist of the former US President’s digital program, the largest of its kind in the political sphere. We caught up with Gardner, who now runs a digital strategy and innovation collective called 18 Coffees, and asked him to give us his insider tips, dos and 'don't even think about it' when it comes to handling social media for politicians, presidents and PMs.

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Barack Obama's Former Social Media Manager Breaks Down the Future of Digital Strategies

Caleb Gardner is the founder of 18 Coffees, a digital content strategy and community development firm. Before that, Gardner worked as social media manager for Barack Obama. So, what has Gardner learned from working with one of the most powerful men in the world? What has he learned from collaborating with Fortune 500 clients at 18 Coffees?

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Shutterstock | Vanishing Content is Here to Stay: How to Use Snapchat and Instagram Stories in Your Marketing Strategy

“Visual content requires more time dedicated to it to get right,” says Caleb Gardner. Brands only have a few seconds on Instagram Stories and Snapchat to make an impression, so every detail and every second counts. Cicero describes the kind of talent needed by such forward-thinking marketing teams as, “Swiss Army-knife people — people who have the capacity to think and create good looking content online at a much faster pace than ever expected before.” No small feat!

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The Guardian | Angela Merkel: internet search engines are 'distorting perception'

This month, President Barack Obama’s former social media adviser Caleb Gardner highlighted the danger of filter bubbles – a phrase invented by the internet activist Eli Pariser.

“More likely than not, you get your news from Facebook,” Gardner told students at Northwestern University in Illinois. “Forty-four per cent of US adults get news on the site, and 61% of millennials … if that doesn’t frighten you, you don’t know enough about Facebook’s algorithm. If you have a parent who’s a Trump supporter, they are seeing a completely different set of news items than you are.”

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The Daily Northwestern | President Obama’s former aide discusses importance of exploring opposing viewpoints online

President Barack Obama’s former digital director Caleb Gardner spoke to more than 30 people Friday about the importance of exploring opposing viewpoints on social media.

Gardner, who is now a digital marketer at global management consulting firm Bain & Company, said students should read news sources that may clash with their own views, mentioning Facebook and its newsfeed algorithm, which sorts through content and ranks stories in order of importance to best engage users.

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Social Media Strategies Summit | 2014 learnings and 2015 marketing predictions by #SMSsummit speakers

All year long, marketers strive to create the next big campaign that tries to #BreakTheInternet.

Luckily for us, we’ve had an impeccable line up of speakers from around the globe share their acumen and trade secrets at Social Media Strategies Summit in 2014 that help keep us on top of emerging trends for the next year to come!


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